Who We Serve

Pando Telecom knows the wireless enhancement ecosystem better than most.  Whether you are a wireless service provider, structured cabling professional, 3rd party owner, property manager or end user chances are we've solved challenges in the industries sectors in which you and your team work.   


Wireless service providers

Ubiquitous cellular coverage in and around every workplace has become a necessity. But the demand for coverage is increasing far faster than wireless providers can deliver. Pando helps wireless providers solve their customers’ wireless enhancement needs while protecting their most valuable asset: their networks. 



Continue to demonstrate your value to your customers by addressing their in-door wireless challenges.  Pando Telecom provides the "Parts and Smarts" so you can confidently say "Yes" to your customer when asked about wireless enhancement.  


Property Management and Building Owners

Building telecommunications infrastructure is needed for even the most traditional, non-tech companies to operate at full potential.  75% of tenants say poor connectivity impacts their business’ profitability.  Pando Telecom provides the solutions to ensure your asset portfolio stays relevant.  


3rd Party Owners

Let Pando handle the RF and Engineering aspects of your projects so you can focus on securing venues and wireless service provider contracts.