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Building Owner/Facilities Manager

Building telecommunications infrastructure is needed for even the most traditional, non-tech companies to operate at full potential. 75% of tenants say poor connectivity impacts their business' profitability. Pando Telecom provides the commercial wireless solutions to ensure your asset portfolio stays relevant.


General or Electrical Contractor

Continue to demonstrate your value to your customers by addressing their in-building cellular challenges. Pando Telecom provides the "Parts and Smarts" so you can confidently say "Yes" to your customer when asked about wireless enhancement.


Consultant or Technology Firm

Let Pando handle the RF Engineering aspects of your projects so you can focus on securing venues and wireless service provider contracts.


Mobile Network Operator

Uninterrupted cellular coverage in and around every workplace has become a necessity. But the demand for coverage is increasing far faster than wireless providers can deliver. Pando helps wireless providers solve their customers' wireless enhancement needs while protecting their most valuable asset—their networks.




Today's medical facilities have transformed into high-tech hubs that demand robust in-building cellular connectivity. Unfortunately, many healthcare facilities are constructed with concrete, steel, and glass - materials that often block cellular frequencies.

These large facilities often have cellular "dead zones," especially on lower levels, in the middle of a floor, and in basements that create hazards in safety and frustration for patients, visitors, and staff.  Connectivity in healthcare is mission critical:

  • Provide doctors, nurses, patients, and guests with a positive and seamless in-building cellular experience
  • Enhance patient care and safety while increasing staff productivity and improving operations
  • Keep family and friends connected
  • Deliver coverage and capacity for new hi-tech healthcare applications (machine to machine communications)
  • Ensure coverage for upper floors and below-grade parking areas for hospital staff
  • Deploy a DAS environment that supports all major commercial wireless solutions providers
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Technological advancements have entirely reshaped the educational infrastructure landscape, and universal wireless connectivity is not a convenience; it is an expectation. Pando can tailor services to meet the unique needs and financial means of any educational institution.

  • Amplify radio frequency & cellular signals inside large buildings, sprawling campus environments, and athletic complexes
  • Ensure consistent wireless access to meet the needs of today's students, from learning activities and engagement to keeping in touch with family and friends
  • Comply with building codes and fire safety ordinances for emergency responder radio communication coverage and signal strength requirements of local jurisdictions
  • Meet the technological needs of teachers, staff, students, and visitors
  • Enable wireless technologies and services for 4G/LTE with 5G upgrades
  • Deploy a DAS system that supports AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint
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Commercial Real Estate & Office

In the competitive commercial real estate market, tenants must experience seamless in-building cellular communications. At Pando, we provide commercial office building managers and owners with cost-effective commercial wireless solutions for improving coverage indoors, regardless of the wireless carrier.

  • Improve building operations and salable features by leveraging advanced technology
  • Solve for reports of poor reception or dropped calls
  • Attract & retain better leasing agents, investors, tenants, potential buyers, customers, and employees
  • Differentiate your building – advanced amenities & services, marketing and support 5G, IoT, and other next-generation infrastructure
  • Boost the value of your asset portfolio and increase NOI with lease renewals and rent increases
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Public Venues, Stadiums & Amphitheaters

In the Sports & Entertainment industry, a great mobile experience for fans and patrons is a necessity. Because of their large capacity and varied activities, the communications network needs to be robust enough to provide service under the most extreme conditions.

Pando helps you to deliver an optimum and connected fan experience for those venues.

  • Large numbers of attendees and exhibitors in sports stadiums push voice and data requirements to high levels, so capacity is often at its limits
  • Fans, Teams, and Entertainers demand the ability to provide interactive and engaging experiences with no delay
  • Safety officials and emergency responders depend on open lines of communication and require assurance that emergency calls are uninhibited
  • Media and broadcasting professionals require the real-time ability to fact-check stories and post articles, photos, and videos
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Data Centers and Warehouses

Cellular technology is rapidly reshaping manufacturing. Connectivity and communication enable manufacturers to capture and analyze a plethora of data, leading to increased productivity, more efficient workflows, and higher output.

  • By 2030 there will be 4.7 billion wireless modules across smart manufacturing floors, with a value of over US$ 1 trillion. [Source: Ericsson]
  • Connect and monitor devices like sensors, monitors, and other IoT-type devices.
  • Enable all entities to stay connected - everything from in-building cellular devices to public safety personnel to machines
  • Boost the value of your commercial investment
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