Are dropped calls from floor to floor affecting productivity and reliability within your building? A DAS system may be the best solution.

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Pando's Proven Deployment Methodology:



The success of DAS starts with a well-planned and detailed design. Ensuring all stakeholders—building owners, mobile network operators, contractors, and engineering firms—have reviewed and approved the design is critical to the system's success and performance.

Pando's engineering team works closely with all stakeholders: a proven model that minimizes effort duplication and takes advantage of individual strengths. This collaborative approach optimizes the free flow of information needed for a thorough and compliant design.


Site Surveys

Outside, your cellular signal might be strong, but the problem exists when you are in your building.

If you aren't confident that your mobile phone signal will follow you from office to office or floor to floor, then you need Pando to conduct a site survey. Our team will conduct a site visit to locate weak points in your building and provide the best solution for you.


Mobile Network Operator (MNO) Coordination

You want service from one of the prominent mobile network operators, but you are unsure how to get this service. More importantly, you are unsure who to contact.

Pando handles all coordination, agreements, and approvals that allow your users to enjoy seamless coverage throughout your facility. We facilitate conversations to protect each party appropriately.



Bringing a system online requires a commissioning process led by experienced and trained engineers with the necessary knowledge and tools.

Pando's Radio Frequency (RF) engineers work with each MNO's performance engineering team to communicate all required RF levels and settings so each stakeholder can adjust accordingly to the RF environment.

We survey the entire facility footprint and collect data and readings at select points to ensure the coverage and signal strength match the design.


Project Engineering & Project Management

Deploying a telecommunication system requires the coordination of experienced project managers, project engineers, and logistic teams who understand the various implementation phases milestones.

Pando provides the necessary resources and staff to ensure that all timelines are communicated, and expectations are set appropriately for each phase. Every project is subject to many moving parts and changing schedules. That's why Pando keeps all stakeholders informed via daily summary reports, milestone reports and notifications, and general progress conference calls.

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