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The 'Single Pane of Glass' for DAS Monitoring

Proactive Analysis and Remediation for YourNetwork Infrastructure

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  • Comprehensive Network Visibility
  • Fully Agnostic
  • Future Proof
  • Proven to Reduce Downtime
  • Trusted by Industry Leaders

Our customers understand that monitoring the systems that are critical to their business is good business. From device troubleshooting to mitigating wireless service interruptions, we tailor the right plan for you.

Tailored DAS Monitoring Solutions for Every Scale of Operation

Single Pane of Glassinfo circle icon

A unified dashboard providing an overview of all monitored systems and technologies.

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Basic Reportsinfo circle icon

Standardized reporting for key performance metrics and system health.

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Basic Alertinginfo circle icon

Immediate notifications for system issues or deviations from normal operations.

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System Insight Dashboardsinfo circle icon

Detailed visualizations of system performance, trends, and analytics.

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Incident Management Systeminfo circle icon

Streamlines incident detection to resolution, improving response times and operational efficiency.

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Escalation Chainsinfo circle icon

Automated notification system that escalates unresolved issues to higher levels.

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Schedulinginfo circle icon

Flexible monitoring schedules to align with in-house personnel or NOC schedules.

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Ticketing Systeminfo circle icon

Organized tracking of issues through alert grouping, ensuring efficient management and resolution.

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Built-in Incident Timelineinfo circle icon

Chronological action log for alerts, showing acknowledgments, responders, and user tags for clear oversight.

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Enhanced Reportsinfo circle icon

Advanced reporting options for in-depth analysis and custom insights.

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Remote Suppotinfo circle icon

Immediate, remote troubleshooting and support by technical experts.

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24x7 NOCinfo circle icon

Continuous monitoring by a dedicated Network Operations Center, ensuring reliability and performance around the clock.

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Revolutionize Your Network Management with par

par by Pando Telecom, revolutionizes DAS monitoring with its 'single pane of glass' dashboard, offering unparalleled control and visibility over network infrastructure. This intuitive platform not only simplifies complex network management but also proactively monitors system health, ensuring reliability and reducing downtime. Designed for scalability, par adapts to diverse industry needs, making it an essential tool for businesses aiming to optimize their DAS operations with ease and efficiency.

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Explore the Features of PAR

Single Pane of Glass

par offers a unified control center, simplifying network monitoring and management. Say goodbye to the complexity of navigating multiple tools and windows, and enjoy the convenience of having everything at your fingertips.

Incident Management

Identify and respond to issues swiftly with par streamlined incident management solution. Streamlined incident handling ensures that problems are tackled promptly, minimizing downtime, and ensuring the uninterrupted operation of your network.

Real-Time Monitoring and Analysis

Gain a competitive edge with instant data and insights through par real-time monitoring and analysis. Proactively optimize performance and make informed decisions.

Automated Alerts

Receive automated notifications via email, SMS, Slack, and more with par alert system. These instant notifications empower you to take swift action, preventing minor issues from escalating and minimizing disruptions to your network.

Scalable Solutions

Expand your network confidently with adaptable solutions. Our adaptable solution seamlessly accommodates your evolving requirements, providing the assurance that your network will remain robust and efficient as it expands.

Pando dashboard

Incident Management System: Alert Groups, Silence, Acknowledge, Resolve, Built-in Incident Timeline, Task Management

incident management system dashboard

Alert Groups

Aggregate alerts into groups to decrease noise and streamline focus.

Silence, Acknowledge, Resolve

Manage alerts efficiently with easy-to-use controls for silencing, acknowledging, and resolving.

Built-in Incident Timeline

Track the chronological sequence of actions for each alert, providing clear incident oversight.

Task Management

Enhance collaboration with features for note-taking, user tagging, and progress tracking on tasks.

Seamlessly Integrates with Your Existing Systems

par is designed with your convenience in mind, offering effortless integration with your existing network components and systems. Our platform is fully agnostic, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of technologies and configurations. Whether you have a legacy infrastructure or the latest cutting-edge systems, par adapts seamlessly to provide you with a unified monitoring and management solution. Say goodbye to compatibility concerns and experience a hassle-free integration process with par.

Ensure your investment performs at its maximum potential in an ever-changing wireless environment.

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