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DAS Support & System Maintenance

Why our Clients Invest in PAR Services

Our customers understand that monitoring the systems that are critical to their business is good business. From device troubleshooting to mitigating wireless service interruptions, we tailor the right plan for you.

  • Proactive Analysis & Remediation from Pando Telecom Support
  • Alarm Forwarding
  • Case Creation & Management
  • Firmware & Software Upgrades
  • SNMP Polling & SNMP Trap Receiving
  • DAS Monitoring & Inventory Management
  • Short & Long-Term Contracts

2 Tailored Options

  1. PAR Platform Access
  2. Support

Additional Services

  • Onsite Breakfix Support
  • RF Optimization
  • RF Benchmark Analysis
  • RF interference mitigation
  • RF Engineering & Consulting

PAR Platform Access

Pando's cloud-based monitoring platform oversees the performance of your essential systems, enables mobility, and provides insights for optimization.

  • 24/7/365 Monitoring, Notification, and Platform Access
  • Analysis and Remediation
  • Includes Monitoring Equipment and Interface Kit
  • Dedicated Monitoring Circuit and Backhaul Service
Pando dashboard


  • Dedicated staff to monitor and analyze your systems and prompt your team into action
  • Timely notifications, alerts and reports
  • Access to software
Optional Services

Onsite Breakfix Support
Once we identify the issue, our engineers are deployed to your location. There is a fixed fee for service, time and materials.

RF Optimization
Engineers analyze Network Operator changes &adjust network settings as needed, including optimization reports.

RF Benchmark Analysis
We manage the RF design and engineering aspects of your projects so you can focus on securing venues and wireless service providers.

RF Interference Mitigation
We review the RF environment to ensure that all operating devices are connected seamlessly with no interference from IoT, WIFI, & other unlicensed-band devices.

RF Engineering & Consulting
Whether it is an expansion of an existing DAS network or the addition of wireless services (i.e., 2-way radio or Public Safety), our engineers assess the impacts
of these changes on your DAS network.

Ensure your investment performs at its maximum potential in an ever-changing wireless environment.

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