Managed Services

We all want to protect our investments, correct? Our approach is simple; we build trusted relationships with our clients to deliver longstanding value.

We provide a broad range of long-term support and managed services to help organizations facilitate change, achieve their vision, protect their investment, adapt to technology changes, and optimize performance and productivity.


Life Cycle Management

Like any IT network, deployment is just one phase of a system's life cycle. Maintaining, monitoring, tracking, and retiring assets within your network often go overlooked. An in-depth understanding of your system's environment is vital to avoid the financial burden, user frustration, and business disruption. We don't just stop at deployments; we offer tailored life cycle management options for your network.


Technical Support & Monitoring

Even with the best equipment parts malfunction, cables get cut, network conditions change, and as a result, ongoing maintenance is required. Pando can support your system on a drop-in basis or through an ongoing maintenance contract. We offer our contracts with varying levels of service agreements – or we can develop a custom contract tailored to your needs.

Download our PAR services brochure to learn more about our DAS Monitoring or visit our PAR page.

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Equipment Retirement

The most critical item for any network is to ensure it stays optimized and operational, which means being able to service an asset when it fails. But what happens when the manufacturer stops making the asset? Pando tracks end-of-life (EOL) announcements and provides notifications to customers about their options as a result. More importantly, Pando delivers a path to ensure you have alternate options to keep your network healthy and operable.

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