Structured Cabling Professionals

Your customers rely on you to provide the latest structured cabling solutions that address their data, AV, video surveillance, fire alarm and WIFI needs. They can’t run their businesses without these technologies. And now, working with Pando Telecom, you can offer your customers another solution vital for their business success: seamless cellular coverage in and around their premises.

Pando Telecom will perform the design and engineering of in-building wireless systems, while you handle the installation and other tasks where your team excels. You maintain a strong relationship with your customer, while Pando Telecom serves as your in-building wireless engineering team without the need to staff one.

Now when you get asked, “hey, can you solve our wireless coverage challenges?” You can answer “Yes!” See below for the many services we provide from design all the way through to commissioning and acceptance. 


RF Design

Let Pando Telecom be your design partner, so you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on design software and the expertise to run it. Simply provide Pando Telecom with floor plans for the customer's premises. We’ll provide you with a robust design that includes cable paths, equipment locations, heat maps and RF prediction reports.  


Bill of Materials (BOM)

Once we complete the design, we’ll provide you a full cost proposal that details all the materials needed for a fully-functional system. Based on your customer's needs, Pando Telecom will select the appropriate equipment vendor along with all 3rd party parts and ancillaries. We also provide part numbers, distributor and cost information for all components.  

Don't want to purchase the BOM? No problem. Pando Telecom can procure and provide all parts for the system as designed.   


Project Engineering and Project management

When it comes time for installation, Pando Telecom will oversee and guide your teams, providing industry expertise for putting the solution together. We provide on-site know-how and documentation, so your installation teams can move smoothly through the project. And with our online progress reports, you and your customer can monitor every step of the project from start to finish.     


Wireless service Provider Coordination

Not sure who to call or what to ask? Don't let the unknown hold up your project. We’ve been working with Wireless Service Providers for over 15 years, so we understand that each market has it own set of requirements, primary contacts, and methods for approving wireless enhancement projects. We’ll assist you with presenting the proposed solution to the Wireless Service Providers involved to assure them it meets their network standards.  


System Acceptance and Commissioning

Once completed, Pando Telecom will review the installation, power-up and commission the system, and ensure it meets the Wireless Service Providers’ standards and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). We’ll also validate all antennae functionality, all cable links and the status of all active equipment. Finally, when the system has been "accepted," we'll notify the Wireless Service Providers via an on-air notification. Done!