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Unveiling the Power of PAR: A Close Look at Our Monitoring Solutions

In today's digital age, where technology infrastructures are increasingly complex and critical to business operations, having a robust monitoring solution is not just an option—it's a necessity. That's why we at PAR by Pando Telecom have designed a suite of monitoring solutions that not only meet the diverse needs of businesses but also empower them to maintain peak operational efficiency and reliability. Let's delve into the capabilities of our PAR monitoring tiers—PAR, PAR+, and PAR Premium—and discover how they can transform your IT monitoring and incident management.

Simplifying Complexity: The Single Pane of Glass

At the core of our offerings is the Single Pane of Glass feature, available across all PAR tiers. This unified dashboard serves as a command center for your entire IT ecosystem, providing a comprehensive overview of all monitored systems and technologies. Whether you're tracking real-time operations or reviewing long-term trends, our dashboard simplifies complexity and delivers actionable insights at a glance.

Tailored to Your Needs: Understanding Our PAR Tiers

PAR: Our base tier offers fundamental tools necessary for effective monitoring, including Reports, Alerting, and System Insight Dashboards. It's designed for businesses that need reliable monitoring without the complexity of more advanced features.

PAR+: Building on the foundation of PAR, the PAR+ tier introduces powerful functionalities like the Incident Management System, Escalation Chains, Scheduling, and the Ticketing System. These additions are ideal for organizations that require more sophisticated incident handling and issue resolution processes.

PAR Premium: The ultimate tier, PAR Premium, is tailored for enterprises demanding the highest level of support and functionality. It includes all the features of PAR and PAR+, plus exclusive services like Remote Support and 24x7 NOC. This tier ensures that no matter the time or issue, expert help is always available, guaranteeing minimal downtime and optimal performance.

Spotlight Feature: Built-in Incident Timeline

A standout feature in our advanced tiers (PAR+ and PAR Premium) is the Built-in Incident Timeline. This tool is indispensable for IT teams, providing a chronological action log for all alerts. It records every incident with detailed annotations, including acknowledgments, responder actions, and user tags. This transparency not only boosts troubleshooting efficiency but also enhances accountability and historical incident analysis.

Why Choose PAR?

Choosing PAR means opting for a monitoring solution that grows with your business. Each tier is designed to scale, from straightforward monitoring needs to comprehensive, round-the-clock oversight and intervention. Our commitment to innovation and customer service ensures that we continually adapt and improve our offerings based on user feedback and market trends.

Our users frequently report reduced downtime, faster issue resolution, and overall improved IT system performance. With PAR, you're not just purchasing a service; you're investing in a partnership that prioritizes your operational continuity and success.

For more information about how PAR can help optimize your business operations, visit our website or contact our sales team. Embrace reliability and efficiency with PAR—where technology meets tranquility.

By: Matt Hall (Pando's Enterprise Account Executive)

Contact Matt at
m: 636.399.5421