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Here we are sharing what projects we are working on currently, what events we are attending. We will also be highlighting special projects and team members on this page monthly.

New: Real-time Monitoring

Our monitoring platform is a fully managed, real-time, cloud-based solution. It is specifically tailored to our equipment and provides detailed insight into each component, ensuring they are always operational and optimized. Not only are we alerted to problems immediately after they occur, but we proactively scan each site to detect and mitigate problems before they occur. When issues do arise, our technicians are notified immediately and take prompt action to minimize interruption to our clients. In addition to monitoring, our centralized command and control center allows us to push updates and configuration changes so that your site is always up-to-date

Our Team has Grown

In 2021 we grew our team by over 500%. We hired multiple positions in our Field Engineering department, built a marketing department and hired a managing director. For Q1 we are continuing to recruit experienced field engineers.