Wireless Service Providers

More and more Enterprise locations are implementing indoor wireless systems that must seamlessly integrate with the wireless operators’ macro networks. Pando Telecom works with the Enterprise to deploy these systems and with the wireless service providers to ensure these solutions meet network standards. 


Solution Champion

Pando Telecom understands: certain solutions work best with your network. That’s why, when working with your Enterprise customers, we’ll champion only those products that uphold your network standards and perform to the highest KPIs.

And if your Enterprise customers require support deploying your approved solutions, we'll help them plan, install, and optimize it so they gain the most value from these products.     



The demand for wireless enhancement at the Enterprise may be exceeding your budget to provide these solutions. Let's work together so we can jointly solve your customer's needs while freeing up network dollars.

For customers who fall outside the yearly budget, Pando can offer a carrier-grade solution directly to them. We'll guide them through all aspects of the sales, design, implementation, on-air and maintenance phases.  

Pando Telecom will save you time while ensuring you grow your wireless network and customer base.    


on air notifications

You invested a lot in your network and licensed spectrum. You should know when an end user is re-broadcasting on them. As more and more Enterprise in-building systems come on-line, know that Pando Telecom's database of sites is up to date. When a new site comes online, you'll be the first to know. 


DAS Optimization

At this point, you have deployed hundreds of indoor and outdoor DAS. But it's not realistic to expect your teams will have the bandwidth to service and maintain these countless nodes or understand the nuances of each OEMs product. 

Pando Telecom offers optimization services that keep your network running at the KPIs you expect.  Our optimization services include:

  • UL Optimization
  • DL Channel Balancing
  • VSWR, DTF, PIM tests of passives
  • Wireless Operator Frequency Band Balancing (Power Sharing)


RURAL Communities

When building out your network, population density is a big factor in the decision making process. So when a community, region or rural location is underserved, Pando Telecom can help you help them.  

We've worked with local municipalities and local agencies to help solve their wireless challenges. Solutions we've provided include:

  • Search ring guidance
  • Co-location macros, small cells, DAS nodes
  • Backhaul and fronthaul right-of-way planning
  • Propagation studies (prediction plots)
  • Existing coverage evaluation and benchmarking